CenturyLink Home Phone Service: Why it Makes Sense

If you have a smartphone, why would you need a Home Phone?

That’s not an uncommon thought. A lot of people feel that a cell phone more than makes up for not having a Home Phone. But, when you can get one for as inexpensive as a CenturyLink Home Phone service, there’s no reason not to.

You can bundle it with High-Speed Internet and save money.

You can get Unlimited Nationwide and Local Calling.

You don’t have to worry that you can’t make a call because your cell phone coverage is lacking.

The bottom line? Having a landline is a no brainer if you have kids or teenagers in and out of the house, a home security system, or live somewhere with unreliable cell phone coverage.

Call today, and our experts will help you choose a plan that is perfect for your needs and budget.

CenturyLink Home Phone features

Smartphones have apps and games, which are great on the go. But when you’re at home, you can get features that make your Home Phone feel more like a cell phone. CenturyLink Home Phone Service plans offer features like:

  • No Solicitation
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Rejection
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Last Call Return
  • Call Waiting ID
  • Selective Call Forwarding

Call today to pick your favorite calling features and get the right Home Phone plan for your family.

CenturyLink Home Phone Service calling options

    1. Unlimited Nationwide Calling. When you have family out of town, you don’t want any limits on how often or how much you can talk to them. With Unlimited Nationwide Calling, you don’t have limits – just hours of talk time.
    2. Unlimited Local Calling. Calls to the office, calls to your neighbors, schools, restaurants – everyone you need to call in your hometown is covered by Unlimited Local Calling.
    3. Long Distance. If you have calling needs outside your hometown – and even out of the country – CenturyLink Home Phone Service can accommodate you. You can get pay-as-you-go Long Distance coverage, and international calling plans. You can even get reduced rates to Mexico and other Latin American countries.

It’s clear that the one thing you need to know about CenturyLink Home Phone Service is that you have options. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, there’s a plan for you.

Call today to choose your plan. Even if you’re not sure exactly which one is for you, give our experts a call – they will walk you through all your options and lead you to the right plan.

Build a CenturyLink bundle

Get High-Speed Internet when you get CenturyLink Home Phone Service and you can save money.

When you build a bundle, you get great deals – and convenience. By combining two services from one provider, you’re also combining your monthly bill.

You can also get digital TV service at the same time you get CenturyLink. Get tons of movie channels, premium shows, local channels, exclusive sports – the works.

Call today and get every home service you need!