CenturyLink High-Speed Internet: Internet How You Want It

CenturyLink has something that everyone needs – fast Internet service. You need it to check your email in the morning. And stream movies at night. And manage your finances. And play games.

You also need your Internet connection to be affordable. Because what good is super-fast Internet if it doesn’t fit your budget? CenturyLink offers High-Speed Internet plans that fit every budget. And even better? You can lock in low rates for 5 years.

You don’t even have to sign a term agreement to take advantage of our 5 year price guarantee. No strings attached. Just super-fast and affordable Internet service.

Call today to lock in your low CenturyLink price!

What you get when you choose CenturyLink

The 5 year price lock guarantee is just the beginning of the great deals you can get with CenturyLink. When you choose CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, you can also benefit from:

  • 24/7 technical support.
  • A security suite to protect your computer.
  • Free email addresses for the whole family.

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet has fast download speeds and a reliable connection.

What makes CenturyLink so reliable?

Reliable is something every Internet connection should be. Because when you’re watching a movie or TV show, the last thing you want is for your connection to cut out or continuously buffer. That’s why CenturyLink’s reliability is such an asset.

A CenturyLink connection runs on a dedicated landline, which means fast speeds and a reliable connection for your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet.

Call today and our Internet experts will walk you through all your options, and get you one step closer to experiencing the reliability of CenturyLink.

How to pick the right CenturyLink plan

You know you need fast Internet. Now what?

Choosing a CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan is easy. To make it even easier, ask yourself a few questions first:

  1. How much time do I spend online? If the answer is a lot, then you definitely want a plan with faster speeds to make your daily online activities go as smoothly as possible. If your answer is a little, you could get by with reduced download speeds.
  2. How many web-enabled devices are in my home? If you have multiple people getting online with tablets, laptops or smartphones, you need the added support of a faster CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan.
  3. How much am I looking to spend? The great thing about CenturyLink is you have tons of options to get affordable service. CenturyLink offers different plans with different speeds to accommodate all needs and budgets. You can also save with High-Speed Internet and Home Phone bundles.

It’s better when you bundle

CenturyLink bundles are where you can get some serious savings. Bundles combine two CenturyLink services together: High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Service.

Why get a Home Phone? Smartphones don’t always have the coverage you need. Or the battery life. Or the reliability. Plus, CenturyLink Home Phone offers features to reject anonymous calls and even forward calls to your cell phone when you’re out of the house.

You can also get Unlimited Nationwide Calling and international calling options.

When you call to order your bundle, you can also get TV. Three services all on one phone call. What’s more convenient than that? Call today to get the affordability of CenturyLink!